Hey, I’m Hanna.

Most of you may know me as “Supporting_Stro.” Because, well, like most teenagers these days, I spend a lot of time on Social Media. Specifically twitter, and that is my username. It’s a crazy world we live in, I must say. I think I’ve been asked “You’re supporting_stro on twitter right?” more times in the past year, than I’ve been asked “You’re Hanna right?” in my entire life. Which is not a long time, but that’s still completely insane. However, “Supporting_Stro” has become far more than just a username to me. Making a twitter account to support my favourite baseball team and player is how I met the most wonderful group of friends anybody could ever ask for. It’s also given me an opportunity to share my writing about something that I love and appreciate, with people who love and appreciate that exact same thing. Sports. I decided to make a blog to do just that, so here we are. This is where I share all my adventures, such as going to jays games and seeing Marcus pitch live and how I discovered my favourite athletes. There will also be the occasional Article about either baseball or hockey, but it’s not that serious. Well, yet. Right now, I write for fun, but my ultimate dream is to work in Sport Media one day. Marcus Stroman once said “Go chase your dreams, Go get it, Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.”

And I don’t plan on letting him down. You shouldn’t either.

Hanna McKinley.