Diligence & Marcus Stroman

What exactly does it mean to be a diligent person?

Well, diligent people work hard until the job at hand is done, have a tremendous amount of care in doing things the correct way, and they never ever give up.

If you’re Marcus Stroman, you can go right ahead and check off all of the above.  Tonight, on July 22nd 2017, Marcus Stroman pitched quite the outing in a game that the Jays would unfortunately end up losing 2-1, after Francisco Lindor hit a walk-off homer off of Danny Barnes in the 10th inning.

A ‘hot spot’ on Stroman’s middle finger first became a problem on July 3rd in his start against the New York Yankees. He left after throwing just 79 pitches and the Jays would lose that game 6-3. Tonight? Not a problem. Although the hot-spot was evidently bothering the Blue Jays Ace, he found a way to pitch through it, and did a heck of a job doing so.  He pitched 7.2 innings, giving up just 1 run on 5 hits, and striking out 7 batters. He threw 117 pitches and also recorded his 400th career strikeout, just in case you weren’t impressed enough by him already. There’s no doubt Stroman has been the Jays best and most consistent starter all year and tonight might have been the best start he’s had in the 2017 season.

He showed perseverance and strength in a performance that almost seemed like it came straight out of a movie. After being snubbed of an All-Star title, we all knew Stroman was going to put up impressive numbers in his second half, as we are all aware that his mentality is extremely positive and he never fails to take doubt and turn it into motivation. Tonight’s outing would lower his ERA to 2.98, which is the 3rd best in the American League. It would not give him his 10th win of the season however, but I’m positive we all have the utmost confidence that the next episode of “The StroShow” has that waiting for us.

Congratulations Marcus on your 400th career strikeout, and yet another unforgettable night in which you have once again proven that “Height Doesn’t Measure Heart.”


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